Our Story

I’m Lauren and this is my husband Ben. We’re 27 and 25. We’ve been married for 4 years but have been dreaming about traveling together for 7 (ever since we both studied abroad separately in Costa Rica and Australia in college). Sure we’ve taken mini adventure trips and short vacays (to places like Puerto Rico, Mexico and San Diego), but we’ve been itching for more. So this summer, we’re finally blocking off 2 months of our lives to live in a van and tour the US for an adventure of a lifetime (although we hope this is just the beginning of our adventure trips).

Watch our videos and share in our excitement as we convert a 13 year old van into a home and travel to wonders of the world like the Grand Canyon as well as middle-of-nowhere gems we’re sure to find along the way.

For you, this is a chance to learn about the life of van dwellers (they really exist), find out how to travel on a really tight budget or do some fun reading/watching on your lunch break. Perhaps you’ll follow this trip to live vicariously or maybe you’ll be inspired to take your own road trip.

For us, this is a time to grow our relationship, quench our adventure thirst, introduce ourselves to new places, share a cup of coffee with old friends and find out where our journey might take us next. There’s nothing like stepping out of your busy life to reexamine things and we plan to do just that.