Van Troubles

Joshua Tree National Park

Wow, such a stark contrast from Vegas, the drive through the Mojave Desert was desolate and somehow still scenic, with lots of Joshua Trees all over the place. After camping at another primitive site right outside Joshua Tree National Park, we headed off to hike to one of the few oasis’ located in the park, [...]

Bryce Canyon National Park

The next day, after the 4th of July, we headed to Bryce Canyon, but not before we (and by we, I mean Ben) spent 3 hours fixing our van. Luckily, it was something that turned out to need a $9 part (for that particular problem). Oh dear Buddy, keep hanging in there. Thankfully he did [...]

A Breaking Report: Buddy

We interrupt our regular programming for a special report. This just in… On the way to San Diego yesterday, Buddy’s transmission almost died (jolting between gears, not going into overdrive and losing 1st gear). What are the odds of the engine and transmission blowing within a month? You might ask, “Did you guys have it [...]

Humphreys Summit

After Sedona, we headed to the Grand Canyon, but we took a 2 day pitstop in Flagstaff to hike Humphreys Summit, the highest peak in Arizona and the one the park ranger told us about (you know, the one that works 6 months and travels 6 months a year). We rolled in at dinner time [...]

Sundown Motel

Last weekend we were so bummed/devastated/broken-hearted that we almost sold the van and headed back home. Here’s what our depressing first day in Mount Pleasant, TX looked like. We had a hard time trying to make the best of our situation. Luckily, things turned out for the better (and Ben improved on cooking) and after [...]

Ben’s Birthday!

We thought we were going to be at the Grand Canyon for Ben’s birthday. It would have, of course, involved amazing hikes surrounded by breathtaking scenery. We would have explored all day, met fellow travelers and invited them to our campsite for dinner that night where we would have exchanged stories, had some beers and [...]

Oh Mount Pleasant…

We are really trying to get creative with our time here. It’s a challenge, as you can see from our day yesterday. Today should be more fun. It’s Ben’s birthday and we’re taking a bus into town to see a movie and eat at a local BBQ restaurant. Such a typical sounding day, but trust [...]

An Update

Thank you, thank you, thank you — for all your encouragement and advice. We’ve looked over every comment and email, weighed our options, looked up engine forums, researched area auto shops and we wanted to give you an update. So, fingers crossed, it looks like our adventure will continue. We may have to adjust it [...]

What? Not a tranny problem you say? Something worse?

We are questioning everything. A couple years ago, we started thinking more intentionally about the way we are writing the story of our lives. The past few days we kept telling ourselves that every great story has conflict, we were just hoping ours wouldn’t have this much. We are asking for your advice (and only [...]

Troubles with the Tranny

We’ve been saving up for our trip for a year — planning, budgeting and getting ready. So you can imagine our initial hesitation when we realized we needed to make a HUGE repair on day 5. We did have an emergency fund budgeted for some minor repairs, but we weren’t planning on rebuilding a transmission. [...]