Lake Powell/Glen Canyon

4th of July

Since Sunday on the lake was so amazing, our 4th of July was a little more laid back, although it started rather crazy. We woke up at 2 or 3 a.m. at Lone Rock beach (where we were camping) to people yelling things I won’t mention. Then some guys actually tied him up. Where the [...]

Funnest. Day. Ever.

Before we left, Ben’s family gave us money to use on something that wasn’t in our budget. When they suggested renting jet ski’s on Lake Powell, I was like “Jet skiing? Really? I’ve done that plenty of times.” Little did I know what Lake Powell was. We had such an amazingly fun day. Our funnest [...]

Our Favorite Place Yet

If the Grand Canyon was filled with water, you’d get Lake Powell/Glen Canyon. Lake Powell is one of the largest man-made lakes and it’s where we spent our 4th of July weekend. When we first arrived, we hiked a short, 1 1/2 mile trail to see Horseshoe Bend, a gorgeous view that Ben’s aunt and [...]