Hiking Fairyland Loop

Well, after being “Crazy for Cocoa Puffs” or should I say “Cocoa Cool,” I got started on laundry and Ben got started with a 10 mile hike of Fairyland Loop. (Confused? Watch the video below and “Cocoa Cool” will make sense.) He got to experience more of these so-called hoodoos and I got to clean [...]

Our First Glimpse of Bryce

We arrived at Bryce after feeling so lucky that Buddy made it. We got there close to dinner time so only got to catch a glimpse of the famous hoodoo formations before heading to a campsite to make dinner. Mitra, do you think I could get a job as an anchor for CNN? Bahaha.

Bryce Canyon National Park

The next day, after the 4th of July, we headed to Bryce Canyon, but not before we (and by we, I mean Ben) spent 3 hours fixing our van. Luckily, it was something that turned out to need a $9 part (for that particular problem). Oh dear Buddy, keep hanging in there. Thankfully he did [...]

A Breaking Report: Buddy

We interrupt our regular programming for a special report. This just in… On the way to San Diego yesterday, Buddy’s transmission almost died (jolting between gears, not going into overdrive and losing 1st gear). What are the odds of the engine and transmission blowing within a month? You might ask, “Did you guys have it [...]

4th of July

Since Sunday on the lake was so amazing, our 4th of July was a little more laid back, although it started rather crazy. We woke up at 2 or 3 a.m. at Lone Rock beach (where we were camping) to people yelling things I won’t mention. Then some guys actually tied him up. Where the [...]

Funnest. Day. Ever.

Before we left, Ben’s family gave us money to use on something that wasn’t in our budget. When they suggested renting jet ski’s on Lake Powell, I was like “Jet skiing? Really? I’ve done that plenty of times.” Little did I know what Lake Powell was. We had such an amazingly fun day. Our funnest [...]

Our Favorite Place Yet

If the Grand Canyon was filled with water, you’d get Lake Powell/Glen Canyon. Lake Powell is one of the largest man-made lakes and it’s where we spent our 4th of July weekend. When we first arrived, we hiked a short, 1 1/2 mile trail to see Horseshoe Bend, a gorgeous view that Ben’s aunt and [...]

Grand Canyon Timelapse

Ben just finished the timelapse he made from an overlook at the Grand Canyon. The clouds were amazing. If you look closely, you can see the Colorado River down there.

Grand Canyon Goodbyes

It was our last night at the Grand Canyon. Ben and I were making hot chocolate when we noticed some guys looking for a campsite. We knew the campground was full so we invited them to crash at ours. It was late and they had been driving from LA and we can totally sympathize because [...]

Hiking into the Canyon

After our more relaxing anniversary hike, we decided our last full day at the Canyon would be to actually get into the Canyon and hike part of South Kaibab Trail. Now, there are a few things on our trip that we look back on and wish we would’ve done something differently – one being our [...]