Kayaking in a Lightning Storm

Hey Friends, Well, it’s been a year since our last FollowThisTrip post and we thought it was time to give a little Landers life update. Since getting back from the trip last summer Lauren landed a great job as a Marketing Director of a software company in Columbia called SoftDocs. Since Lauren is working this [...]

A Look Back…

Wow, it feels good to be home and finally get back into the swing of things. We came home to a clean house thanks to our rad summer roommates, we unpacked, caught up on laundry and thought about this upcoming year. Ben started work yesterday and I’m currently looking for a job while running Utopia [...]

Our journey home…

After we put the van up for sale we decided to give it 6 days to sell and if we didn’t have any interest we were going to try and drive it home and hope and pray for the best. We had a few calls and emails but nobody too serious until the 6th day [...]

We made it to the West Coast!

We are very happy to report that Buddy made it to San Diego. We were lucky enough to know some incredible friends that let us crash with them while we were figuring out the van situation. The picture below is when we watched the Women’s World Cup and decided to dress in matching patriotic outfits… [...]

Joshua Tree National Park

Wow, such a stark contrast from Vegas, the drive through the Mojave Desert was desolate and somehow still scenic, with lots of Joshua Trees all over the place. After camping at another primitive site right outside Joshua Tree National Park, we headed off to hike to one of the few oasis’ located in the park, [...]

Vegas Baby!

We made it to Vegas where all our dreams came true. Haha…just kidding. Maybe I should say where all the stereotypes came true. Since we’ve had to spend our fun money on the van and all its health problems, we had to stay at Hostel Cat, a hostel that was featured in The Hangover and [...]

Angels Landing & Our New Friend

Angels Landing is not recommended for anyone afraid of heights. Six people have died on this hike. For the first 2 miles, you wonder why. The trail is wide and well maintained – even paved in a lot of parts – with a slow incline. And there are fun little slots and caves to explore. [...]

The Narrows!

After hiking Hidden Canyon, the next day we hiked The Narrows – “one of the best, if not the best, hike in the National Park System,” according to Zion National Park and we completely agree. Seriously a magical experience. This 16-mile river hike (I thought it was 9 miles) takes you through ankle to chest [...]

Zion National Park

Since our first big stop at The Petrified Forest, our trip was starting to get better and better. Either that or our adventure adrenaline was pumping more, because every new stop seemed to top the one before. The Grand Canyon was amazing for its grandeur, Lake Powell for being able to swim inside canyon walls, [...]

Figure 8

On our last full day at Bryce Canyon, we decided to try a hike with the best views. We discovered the “Figure 8,” which puts 3 different trails together. There are no signs that say “Figure 8″. We’re thinking this route has become popular among hikers and to find it, go online or ask a [...]