Kayaking in a Lightning Storm

Hey Friends,

Well, it’s been a year since our last FollowThisTrip post and we thought it was time to give a little Landers life update. Since getting back from the trip last summer Lauren landed a great job as a Marketing Director of a software company in Columbia called SoftDocs. Since Lauren is working this summer I’ve been doing house projects and also working part-time for our church doing some videography and also growing an awesome summer mustache. The only downside to Lauren having the full-time job is our vacation/adventure possibilities are limited. We’ve definitely done a lot of reminiscing this summer about how we wish we were camping in the old van out west somewhere, but just because we’re not on the road doesn’t mean we can’t have a little adventure in our hometown of Columbia, SC right?

The temperature lately has been in the 100′s so anything that doesn’t involve water was pretty much out of the question. So for our 5th Year Anniversary we decided to take a kayaking trip down the Saluda River. Our small adventure turned into a pretty crazy memory that we will not soon forget, when a lightning storm hit about halfway through the trip. You can watch the whole adventure in the video below.

Hope you guys enjoyed that as much as we did (well I did at least). This little expedition was a great reminder for us that even though we’re not traveling cross country, there are still great ways to get out and experience nature, the unexpected and have a great time. Expeditions take time, planning and a little money, but they are always worth it for the experience and the memories.

We’ll try to post another adventure before another year has passed. Hope you are all doing well and going on your own summer adventures.

Have a great summer everyone!