Joshua Tree National Park

Wow, such a stark contrast from Vegas, the drive through the Mojave Desert was desolate and somehow still scenic, with lots of Joshua Trees all over the place. After camping at another primitive site right outside Joshua Tree National Park, we headed off to hike to one of the few oasis’ located in the park, 49 Palms Oasis.

Along the way we saw lots of different sized and colored cacti.

It was only a 3 miles hike, but extremely hot and dry the entire way. After hiking for almost an hour through the dry and hot desert we reached the oasis which is a spring the the desert where palm trees offer shade and the local wildlife can go to rest and drink water. It was a relief to sit in the shade of the palms for a while before returning back to the van.

After the hike, we visited the visitor center, which is also located near an oasis, ate a quick lunch and drove through the park. We stopped for an hour or so for Ben to do some climbing on a few of the HUGE boulders they have throughout the park. Look close and you’ll see him on the rock in the pictures below.

The Joshua Trees are funny looking things, like they came from a Dr. Seuss book, each of them has their own personality.

After taking a few hours to drive through the park, we headed to San Diego. When we were about halfway there the transmission started jolting in and out of Overdrive a few times, we weren’t sure if we would make it, but we were determined to get to the West Coast or break down trying… more on that in the next post

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