Vegas Baby!

We made it to Vegas where all our dreams came true. Haha…just kidding. Maybe I should say where all the stereotypes came true.

Since we’ve had to spend our fun money on the van and all its health problems, we had to stay at Hostel Cat, a hostel that was featured in The Hangover and located beside a strip club and across the street from a wedding chapel. Of course.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the hostel experience, but in Vegas I just wasn’t feeling it. The Bellagio would’ve been my hotel of choice.

We had a good time playing penny slots, seeing the lights and the sights (including a Dale Chihuly installation), but definitely wished our friends could have flown in for this.

Ben finally found a poker tournament at 2 a.m. that wasn’t a $1000 buy-in, but I couldn’t stay awake anymore since poker tournaments can last hours. I hate to say it, but I made him call it a night. If only his poker buddies could have been there.

If we ever have a chance to go back, we’d love to see a Vegas show and Ben would like to actually play some poker. I doubt we’ll ever go back though. We don’t feel in our element there. This feeling was especially true at the end of the night when we got back to the hostel and saw creepy half-dressed mannequins moving on an electronic bull in front of the strip club. Kind of wish we had a picture of this. Kind of glad we don’t.

Our next destination took us through the Mojave Desert and we loved this part of the road trip…back to nature and a slower pace.

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  1. Donna Montgomery

    Loved hearing you sing along with the radio, Lauren! ; )

    Comment by Donna Montgomery on July 28, 2011 at 7:02 pm

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