The Petrified Forest

We finally started our trip (at least that’s what we’re saying). Mainly because calling it Day 18 (or whatever it is now) feels weird since we were stuck for 11 days with our biggest “adventure” being skating to a pet store.

Our drive to the Petrified Forest started from a rest area at the border of New Mexico, where we only made one stop for gas and a $3 lunch at Taco Bell, hardly an authentic New Mexican dish but we were tired of pb&j’s and $3 didn’t sound half bad. Ben tossed a nickel into the fundraising game at the counter and won some free cinnamon twists (well, five cent cinnamon twists).

New Mexico was pretty — tall plateaus, volcanic rocks and red mountains. Sadly, since we only have 2 months total, we have less time than you think to travel to everywhere on our list so we didn’t get to experience New Mexico, just pass through it.

So, here it is — The Petrified Forest, what we’re calling Day 1.

The layers of rainbow-colored earth gathered into slopes were beautiful in person. Photos can’t compare all its beauty because half of it is the silence of nature, smelling the smells and feeling its peace refresh you.

After seeing this picture of me taking in the view, I told Ben that nalgene could very well have been a baby. Maybe on our next big adventure. I don’t know what he thought of that.

We hope you get to watch this video. I cracked myself up after watching it with my commentaries, especially about that creepy bird.