Bye Bye Toilet, Hello Kitchenette

I know Ben and I aren’t newlyweds anymore, but I knew right away that I didn’t want a quote unquote bathroom right next to the bed. Of course there will be that one time on the trip when we’re driving through a long stretch of nothing that I’ll probably say “dang it, why!?” but (unless you’re traveling by yourself and don’t mind the aroma) it’s not ideal—for privacy or for marriage. :) Lucky for us, this thing had never been used so it was an easy process to remove it.

And voila!

We decided having a little kitchenette in its place would be better for us, so this weekend Ben and his most handiest friend Chris, will be working on something inspired by Papa (Ben’s grandfather who took this very same kind of road trip, mentioned here).

Here’s Papa’s handy work —

The thing that we’ll keep from the toilet (and the feature we love the most) is the tank under the van where it was suppose to drain into.

This way, our dirty/grey water is stored outside of the van instead of under the sink like Papa’s (which will allow for more storage).

Papa’s kitchenette is now in the possession of Ben’s aunt and uncle. Although we could’ve easily borrowed this from them, Ben and I expect to use this van for as long as it’ll let us so the thought of installing something only to take it back out again didn’t appeal to us. Plus, it’s kind of fun for us to figure this thing out from the ground up.

Here’s what we plan to work with —

We scored this free cabinet from a school that was being remodeled. The doors are perfect. They sort of clip in and out so they won’t be flying open while we’re driving.

Here’s to Friday and hopes of a productive weekend!

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  1. Donna Montgomery

    I think I know a stove that will sit well next to your sink! ;)

    Comment by Donna Montgomery on March 12, 2011 at 8:54 am

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